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McCulloch 3516 Fuel Tank Replacement

The McCulloch 3516 fuel tank is designed to hold fuel for engine use. The fuel tank can be constructed using a special plastic material for endurance and reliability or the tank can be metal made from magnesium or aluminum. If your McCulloch 3516 chainsaw fuel tank is damaged, worn, or punctured then it needs to be replaced with our suitable replacement McCulloch 3516 fuel tank parts below.

Suitable Replacement McCulloch 3516 Fuel Tank Parts

The fuel tank is designed to hold and supply fuel for engine use. The McCulloch 3516 fuel tank has a fuel line that goes through the tank to the carburetor to supply fuel to the carburetor. The tank can also have a fuel tank breather built in to let air inside the tank as gas goes out to equalize the pressure.

McCulloch 3516 Replacement Fuel Tank

Performance Parts Supply fuel tanks meet or exceed OEM specifications for a McCulloch 3516 chainsaw fuel tank and they cost less than OEM replacement tanks while maintaining excellent quality and durability. Generically speaking, the fuel tank can be either inside or outside of the saw casing and can be a part of the saw itself. The fuel tank can also be incorporated into the rear handle/throttle control assembly. Make sure your saw fuel tank is not damaged or punctured. If it is, order a new suitable replacement McCulloch 3516 fuel tank part.

McCulloch 3516 Chainsaw Fuel Tank Replacement

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