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McCulloch MAC 110 Tune Up Kit

A McCulloch MAC 110 tune-up kit is essential for top chain saw performance. A replacement air filter ensures clean air to the chain saw engine. A new replacement spark plug ensures quick reliable starts and maximum performance at full power. A new fuel filter ensures a clean and pure gasoline oil mix reaches the carburetor through the fuel line and prevents dirt from entering the carburetor. Check out what all comes in our McCulloch MAC 110 chainsaw tune up kits below. 

McCulloch MAC 110 Tune Up Kit Parts

When tuning up your chain saw, consider blowing dirt and debris from around your cylinder so the saw will dissipate heat and run cooler. You may also consider checking the sprocket for wear and periodically grease the bar nose with a bar tip grease gun. Dressing the bar rails can reduce wear if they have a rolled edge.

McCulloch MAC 110 Chainsaw Tune Up Kit

Don't forget the bar, chain saw chain and sprocket when tuning up your chain saw. Maintenance on these components is equally important to continue to see superior performance from your saw.

Note: The fuel filter is connected to the fuel line and is weighted so that it lays in the bottom of the fuel tank. This positioning of the fuel filter provides maximum protection where trace amounts of sawdust can collect.

McCulloch MAC 110 Chainsaw Tune Up Kits

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