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Partner P-70 Fuel Line & Fuel Filter Replacement

If you notice sluggish performance of your chainsaw over time, the Partner P-70 fuel filter will eventually become clogged with dirt [sawdust], stale varnished fuel, filter particles from deterioration over time, and water. The Partner P-70 fuel filter needs to be replaced regularly or when a tune up is performed to ensure top performance when cutting. Also, over time, the Partner P-70 fuel line will deteriorate from ethanol, dry rot, and from exposure to gasoline itself. When the fuel line is cracked, broken, or develops pin holes, it will need to be replaced. Our aftermarket suitable replacement Partner P-70 chainsaw fuel filters and fuel line meet or beat OEM specs, offer a considerable cost savings, and usually ship in 24 - 48 hours.

Suitable Replacement Partner P-70 Fuel Line & Fuel Filter Parts

The purpose of the fuel line is to supply fuel from the fuel tank to the carburetor. The Partner P-70 fuel filter is designed to filter all fuel fed into the carburetor. The fuel filter is connected to the fuel line with a barb fitting on the nipple of the filter. This filter is located in the fuel tank and is weighted to keep the filter on the bottom of the tank to ensure proper filtering and flow regardless of the angle of the saw.

Note: Replacement of the Partner P-70 fuel filter is one of the most missed items when a tune up is performed. Failing to replace a dirty fuel filter can significantly cut down on the performance of the saw.

The fuel line is made of either rubber, pvc formulated compounds, or viton material. A Partner P-70 fuel line that lets permits air can cause poor saw performance or result in a lean fuel mixture which could cause internal engine failure.

Partner P-70 Fuel Filter

Performance Parts Supply air filters meet or exceed OEM specifications for fuel filters and they cost less than OEM filters while maintaining excellent quality and durability. Fuel Filters should either be replaced per manufacturers specifications that are located in your owners manual. 

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Partner P-70 Chainsaw Fuel Filter Replacement

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