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Poulan Woodshark Clutch Replacement

The Poulan Woodshark Chainsaw Clutch will eventually become worn out from normal use. The shoes will wear down, the clutch spring or springs will become weak or broken, or the spider becomes worn out. When these things occur, the clutch will need to be replaced. Our aftermarket suitable replacement Poulan Woodshark clutch part we offer for sale meet or beat OEM specs, offer a considerable cost savings, and usually ship in 24 - 48 hours.

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Suitable Replacement Clutch

Our Price: $14.95

Suitable Replacement Poulan Woodshark Clutch Parts

The purpose of the chainsaw clutch is to transmit power from the rotating crankshaft and sprocket drum [spur or 2 piece floating rim] to drive the chain saw chain.

Poulan Woodshark Replacement Compression Release

The clutch can be fastened to the crankshaft using threads or a key. Note: All saws built since 1990 will have the clutch threaded onto the crank shaft. The clutch has left hand threads and can be removed by using a piston stop to keep the engine from turning and using a socket or clutch spanner tool to turn the clutch off of the crankshaft.

The Poulan Woodshark clutch is disengaged until the saw reaches approximately 3,000 rpm. When the saws starts to pick up speed (usually around 3300-3500 rpm), the clutch spring gives way [relaxes] and the clutch shoes make contact with the sprocket to drive the chain saw chain.

Performance Parts Supply chain saw clutch will meet or exceed OEM specifications for Poulan Woodshark clutch replacement parts and they cost less than an OEM clutch while maintaining excellent quality and durability. It should either be replaced or adjusted per manufacturers specifications that are located in your owners manual. You can quickly buy our suitable replacement Poulan Woodshark chainsaw clutch for sale in our online store and get it shipped fast.

Poulan Woodshark Chainsaw Clutch Replacement

Important NoticeWe are not affiliated with any chainsaw manufacturers and we do not attempt to make any affiliations with them. Any manufacturer logos, model names and numbers are the sole property of their respective owners and are used here for the sole purpose of reference. We do not sell OEM chainsaw parts for any brand. We do however, offer high quality suitable replacement parts guaranteed to meet or beat OEM part specifications like our suitable replacement Chainsaw Poulan Woodshark clutch we offer for sale for you to buy and put into their brand of chainsaws.