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Stihl 017 Handles & Chain Brake Handles

When performing a function check on your saw, ensure the Stihl 017 handle and chain brake are working properly, are not broken and have not been removed. These items are critical to safety and can prevent serious injury. If your Stihl 017 handle or chain brake handle is not working or broken, then it needs to be replaced with our suitable replacement chainsaw handle or chain brake handle parts below. Our aftermarket suitable replacement chainsaw chain brake handles meet or beat OEM specs, offer a considerable cost savings, and usually ship in 24 - 48 hours.

Suitable Replacement Stihl 017 Handle & Chain Brake Handle

The handle is a very important part of the chain saw. The handle allows control of the saw when cutting, starting and maneuvering. The Stihl 017 handle can either be made from plastic, aluminum or magnesium. The handle is secured to the saw with screws, springs or bolts fastened to the main body of the saw.

Stihl 017 Replacement Chain Brake Handle

The Stihl 017 chain brake handle is critical to the safety of the saw, especially when kick back occurs. When the operator's hand makes contact with the handle to engage the chain brake, the brake stops the chain instantly and prevents the operator from becoming injured. The Stihl 017 chain brake handle can also engage as a result of inertia when the saw kicks back.

Stihl 017 Chainsaw Handle Replacement

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