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Tanaka TCS-3401 Chainsaw Bar Replacement

The Tanaka TCS-3401 bar plays an important part of cutting, it guides the chain to keep it moving straight and true in the direction of the cut so the chain can cut the wood properly. The bar is made of high quality super tough chrome-moly steel. The Tanaka TCS-3401 bar rails are heat treated to provide superior wear and bar body strength. If the chain moves side to side inside the bar, the bar rails can become chipped, the bar can be bent, at which point the Tanaka TCS-3401 bar will need to be replaced. We offer suitable replacement chainsaw bar parts for this exact model chainsaw below.

Suitable Replacement Tanaka TCS-3401 Chainsaw Bar Parts

If the sprocket nose is broken or locked up, the bar needs to be replaced. The sole purpose of the bar is to guide the chain in the wood for a clean and straight cut.

Tanaka TCS-3401 Replacement Bar

Performance Parts Supply suitable replacement chainsaw bars meet or exceed OEM specifications for Tanaka TCS-3401 replacement bars and they cost less than OEM bars while maintaining excellent quality and durability. Chainsaw bars should either be replaced or cleaned per manufacturers specifications that are located in your owners manual. You can quickly buy our suitable replacement Tanaka TCS-3401 Chainsaw Bar parts for sale in our online store and get it shipped fast.

Tanaka TCS-3401 Bar Lubrication Advice

The saw uses bar oil to lube the chain and bar rails. Bar oil is designed to stick and cling to the chain and not sling off. Motor oil is not a good substitute for bar oil. Motor oil will not properly lube the chain because it is designed to separate from engine parts and drain back into the oil pan to be reused. Never attempt to use motor oil that has been used as used motor oil has dirt and other particles in it giving it a black color. Used motor oil could contain small metal pieces or shavings which would cause extreme wear on the chain and Tanaka TCS-3401 bar and may damage your oil pump causing more costly repairs.

The chain needs to be sharp to cut wood fast. Forcing the chain to cut can cause premature wear on the bar rails and stretch the chain. 

Our bars range in size from 10‹?? to 42‹?? with bar gauges from .043‹?? through .063‹??. If you are not sure which gauge or pitch you are running on your saw, be sure to check the chain cross over chart to determine your chain's gauge. Additionally, there may be numbers stamped into the bar that may help determine the gauge and pitch chain you will need.

Remember, the best saw to cut wood should have a good sharp chain and good bar to guide the chain.  

Tanaka TCS-3401 Chainsaw Bar Replacement

Tanaka TCS-3401 Replacement Bar Maintenance Tips

The bar may need periodic maintenance. If the rails are sharp or rolled over, they will need to be dressed up by removing the rolled edge with a file, a bar rail dresser, or a hand grinder to remove the rolled edge and true the bar rail to be square and true again.

The Tanaka TCS-3401 bar groove can become worn after use which causes the chain to roll from side to side. If this occurs, the bar should be replaced.

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